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Becky founded KT Partners in 1999 uncovering a niche that was in need for the small business realm for affordable branding and marketing. In 2024, KyBec Tech was formed as a sister company by Becky and her business partner and lifelong friend, Kyle McGowan.

Becky has a diverse, yet focused background in the business field, which has made her very adaptable to business and life situations. Her extensive training and experience in the service and technology field gives a broad skill set to help solve her client’s challenges.  She’s come to embrace this as a unique combination for providing creative solutions.  Becky has held positions as a Field Business Analyst, Implementation Specialist, Project Manager, Client Service Manager, Technical Support Specialist during a lengthy career at ADP (Automatic Data Processing), a major payroll and human resource company.  Based on her own high standards and principles Becky instilled in her associates to form lasting bonds with their clients and deliver top notch service.  She helped design and deliver a Client Contact system for ADP’s 47 service centers as well as their overseas counterparts.  Her team implemented “World Class Service” initiative to all the ADP payroll branches.  Becky and her team received many accolades for their efforts and success.  Those programs went on to be a standard platform at ADP.  

Prior to ADP,  Becky was in Retail sales for Sears in Hardware as well as Fine Jewelry.  Her next step was Managing a store for Gordon Jewelers.  She studied Marketing and Secondary Education at Temple University while working her full-time retail positions.

Becky, her husband Drew and their three children reside in Bucks County, PA.  

Community Conscience

Becky is embedded in her community through her volunteerism through her school district, town and several charities. She has served on her township Park and Rec Commission for 9 years and the Central Bucks Athletic Association Executive Board for 17 years.  Becky retired in 2020 from the position of President of Buckingham United / CBAA Soccer after 8 years. She continues to volunteer where there is need.

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